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Important Information from PMD

November 2016 Rules Review Over the last several months the AZPPO legislative committee has worked to draft the Arizona Department of Agriculture, Pest Management Division(PMD formerlly OPM) new rules that were needed as a result of SB1270 – Pest Management Division. SB1270 Sponsored by Senator Gail Griffin finalized the move of OPM into the Dept of Agriculture by moving all the statutes to title 3 (from Title 32). In addition to the technical changes needed the committee identified a few rules that needed to be updated, clarified and modernized. The committee encourages you to review the proposed rules that are now available for public comment HERE

December 17, 2015 Industrial and Institutional License Substantive Policy: Recently, questions and a conflict of interpretation arose regarding the differences between the Industrial Institutional/Public Health category license and the Ornamental and Turf category licenses and what type of applications can be performed under the respective categories. Your AZPPO jumped on this issue and met with OPM to resolve it. OPM intends to draft a substantive policy statement in order to provide further clarification on what applications are covered by the respective categories.  Read more HERE.

Registering Applicators: Effective Monday, September 29, 2014, any business license holder that has failed to register their applicators shall be imposed a $150.00* civil penalty. The penalty shall be multiplied by the total number of unregistered applicators providing services for that business. Visit the OPM website to comply http://www.sb.state.az.us/

Expiration Dates: All Certifications, Licenses, & Registrations expire on May 31st. To check the status of your Certification, License, or Registration; visit the OPM website and click on the "License Search" tab http://www.sb.state.az.us/.

Testing: Applicants may take any approved exam up to three (3) times in a 6-month period.

Here is a map of the Department of Agriculture's location, where you can find the Pest Management Division.

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