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Code of Ethics

Members of the Arizona Pest Professional Organization agree to:

  • Uphold standards of the organizations and to fully comply with its ethics.
  • Maintain high standards of moral responsibility, character and business integrity.
  • Practice fairness, frankness and honesty in all advertising and in all relations for the good of the community and the pest management industry.
  • Encourage, establish and maintain high standards of competence, knowledge and performance.
  • Provide service safely, effectively and efficiently in accordance with best industry practices.
  • Provide service within the requirements of federal and state laws and rules, and stay fully informed about laws and rules.
  • Cooperate with other recognized associations and scientific and education institutions in the interchange of knowledge and ideas for mutual benefit.
  • Respect the reputation and practices of other pest management professionals, and to help eliminate, without hesitation, conduct by others that violates laws and rules.
  • Make the public aware of the important role the pest management industry plays in protecting health, property and the environment.
  • Hold our industry in high esteem as guardians of the environment, and to strive to enhance its image.
  • Promote a closer and friendlier relationship among those engaged in the industry.
  • Be loyal to the principles of the Organization and active in advancing those principles.

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111 E Dunlap Ave, Ste 1-481

Phoenix, AZ 85020

Hours of Operation:

9 am - 5 pm, Mon - Fri

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