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Board of Directors | 2022 - 2023

Cody Smith

Dynamic Pest Control

Cody has been in the Pest Control industry for 24 years. In his spare time, he enjoys Sports, Hunting, the Outdoors, and Traveling. He joined the AZPPO because he wanted an opportunity to rub shoulders with other owners and learn as much as possible.

Darren Hunsaker

All Clear Pest Control

Darren has 15 years of industry experience. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with family, and gaming. The year Darren joined AZPPO, we were offering 3 business training courses. He also joined to help better the industry and help other companies thrive in it.

Dawn Marie Aguayo

Orkin Pest Control

Dawn has been in the Pest Control industry for 23 years. Her favorite thing to do in her spare time is SLEEP. When asked “Why did you join AZPPO?” Dawn said, “During the pandemic, I realized just how essential our industry is to our communities. We are an industry of superheroes. As pest professionals, we are protectors of our communities' health, property, and the world's food chain. There isn’t any other profession that can check all those boxes while protecting the sustainability of our environment—joining the board just made sense. Our industry is so much bigger than any one company; we're a community of people called to serve others. I couldn't help but want to be a part of that.”

David Gilmer

proof. Pest Control

David has been in the Pest Control industry for 18 years. His current hobbies include 3D printing, and learning how to create and edit videos. When asked “Why did you join AZPPO?” He said “I’ve always enjoyed networking. Being a member of AzPPO gives me and my company the opportunity to connect with other companies in our industry. I love this industry and I enjoy being able to give back to our community. If I have a problem, I am equipped with a vast network that is willing to help solve it”.

Austin Burns

Burns Pest Elimination

Austin has 10 years of industry experience. When he isn’t working, he loves spending time with his family, being outdoors, or being on the golf course. Austin joined AZPPO to assist in making the pest control industry be viewed by consumers as the true professionals that the people of this industry are. He also wants to give back to the industry the same experience that it has given him.

Marie Horner

Arrow Exterminators

Marie joins us with 28+ years of industry experience. In her spare time she enjoys Boating, SkyDiving, Reading, and Dancing. Marie joined AZPPO to be of service to the industry.

Holly Parker

Creepy Crawly Pest Control

Coming soon!

Bill Bennett

Bill’s Home Service Company

Bill joins us with 9 years of industry experience. Bill enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and finding amazing food. His hobbies include: driving his kids to their hobbies, trying to impress his wife, cooking, fitness, maintaining his poor golfing abilities, and adding things to his Netflix watchlist (not actually watching them though). When asked “Why did you join AZPPO?” Bill said, “AZPPO is the best way we have to impact our community in a positive way through our industry. It is an excellent place to find like minded people or different perspectives on similar issues in the business. I chose to join the board to play a part in the promotion of the organization and its goals.”

Sherry Harrington


Sherry has 10 years of industry experience. Spending time with her grandkids is her #1 priority. She also enjoys traveling, kayaking, live entertainment and sporting events. Sherry joined the Board to help support our mission of being a resource to becoming GREAT. Growth, relationships, elevation, advocacy and training. She hopes to see an increase in members who actively participate and see value in what membership can offer.

Christina Gilmer


Chrissy joined AZPPO with 8 years of industry experience. She enjoys traveling, and relaxing with her family. Chrissy is excited to be the first staff member of the AZPPO. She hopes to promote growth, and raise awareness of the organization. She also looks forward to supporting the pest control community.

Past Presidents

  • Fred Willey - Invader Pest Management
  • Ken Fredrick - Conquistador Pest & Termite
  • Nate Tamialis - SOS Exterminating
  • Andrew Witcher - Scorpiontech Termite & Pest Control
  • Ryan Horn - Horn Pest Management
  • Jeff Keller - Arizona Exterminating
  • Kevin Etheridge - Contractor's Termite and Pest
  • Curtis Whalen - Blue Sky Pest Control
  • Tim Goeringer - JHTG dba Orkin
  • Stu Keenan - KY-KO Pest Prevention
  • Chris Gillies, Terminix
  • Cody Smith - Dynamic Pest Control

    • Fred Willey, Invader Pest Management (2022)
    • Ruth Leo, Target Specialty Products (2021)
    • Ken Fredrick, Conquistador Pest & Termite Control (2020)
    • Kevin Etheridge, President of Contractors Termite and Pest Control  (2019)

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