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Volunteer today by contacting the committee chair or sending an email to info@azppo.org

Recruits and maintains membership.

  • Chair: Chris Gillies, 623-293-7729
  • Chair (Phoenix Area): Stu Keenan
  • Jackie Bell

Legislative/Government Affairs 
Lobbies on behalf of the AzPPO to ensure pest management laws and rules are sensible, workable, and do not unduly burden pest management companies.

  • Chair: Kevin Etheridge, 623-780-0908
  • Chair: Stuart Keenan, 602-757-8253
  • Chair: Chris Gillies, 623-293-7729

Drafts and sends timely, accurate and complete information to members and regularly updates AzPPO website with current events, issues, meeting notices. Creates a monthly AZPPO Newsletter highlighting industry events, issues, meeting notices.

  • Chair: Fred Willey, 623-435-0228

Arizona Great Western Conference & Expo Committee 
Works directly with vendors, attendees and venues to set up and organize the annual Conference & Expo.

  • Chair: Chris Gillies, 623-293-7729
  • Chair: Kent Sexton,  602-942-3653

Reviews Bylaws for needed updates and submits to membership for vote. Works with endorsed insurance provider on membership insurance program. Receives input for BOD and BOD Executive Committee positions and provides nominees to membership for a vote.

  • Chair: Chris Gillies, 623-293-7729
  • Chair: Stuart Keenan, 602-757-8253


  • Chair: Stuart Keenan, 602-757-8253
  • Darren Hunsaker
  • Cody Smith


Philanthropic committee working with the community to assist in “pay it forward” projects. This committee offers opportunities to our membership to give back to the community as well as raising funds for charitable donation.

  • Chair: Michelle LeDune, 602-944-7200
  • Chair: Ruth Leo, 602-284-5191

Call or Email Us
Office: +1 (480) 289-5761
Email: info@azppo.org

7729 E Greenway Dr, Ste 300
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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