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Legislative Issues 

AzPPO holds vigilant watch at your legislature for bills that can affect your business at both the local and national level. AzPPO will continue to monitor the State Legislature and The Office of Pest Management and will post important information here.

AZDA Substantive Policy Statement regarding Restricted Use Pesticide

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Guidance to Harassment in the workplace

EEOC Enforcement Guidance on Harassment in the Workplace 4.29.2024.docx

2022-2023 Legislative Accomplishments

  1. Assisted PMD with revised rule package, including permanent fee reduction
  2. Re-implemented quarterly PMAC meetings. 4 of 5 chairs are past AzPPO Board members
  3. Found an easier and quicker process for fingerprinting, with LiveScan
  4. Changed the certification process to allows applicants to test, while going through the background check
  5. Worked with NPMA on the Farm Bill, keeping pre-emption at the state level
  6. Worked with NPMA on the EPA's Proposed Interim Decision on making rodenticides restricted use
  7. Worked with PMD to amend the rule pertaining to keeping separate records for RUP's
  8. Built a relationship with Rep. Cory McGarr from District 17
  9. Built a relationship with the new Director of the Department of Agriculture, Paul Brierley

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