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Benefits of Joint NPMA Membership

Pestworld.org is the official website of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), a non-profit organization committed to the protection of public health, food and property. This site serves as a comprehensive resource for consumers, media, educators and pest control professionals. From common household pests to do-it-yourself pest control tips, PestWorld.org provides timely information and tools to better serve our visitors' pest management needs.

Please utilize PestWorld.org as your main resource for information on bugs, rodents, pest control, and the growing professional pest management industry.

Joint NPMA Membership

Your membership with AzPPO entitles you to joint membership with NPMA. For more than 75 years, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has represented the interests of its members and the structural pest control industry's commitment to the protection of public health, food and property.

Through the efforts of NPMA, the pest control industry is stronger, more professional, and more unified. The NPMA has guided its members and the pest control industry through the creation of verifiable training, the changing technologies used by the industry, and public and media relations. 

NPMA History

From its beginning in 1933, the NPMA has been a clear, consistently positive voice for the pest control industry, a voice that is respected and listened to.The major reason for NPMA's growth and success is that its members have the opportunity to network and share ideas. At each meeting, at each workshop, at each regional conference and national meeting and trade show, members talk to each other and share ideas and expertise, learn about new tools and techniques, and discuss the latest pest issues. In sharing, they grow and prosper and are better prepared to serve their customers. The opportunities to network and learn the latest techniques in professional pest control allow our members to provide qualified and knowledgeable services to their customers.  

Discover the NPMA Difference

NPMA helps more than 7,000 companies in the pest management industry each and every day. Why have so many companies turned to NPMA as their business partner?


The NPMA Difference! We make a difference in our members’ businesses. We provide essential tools to train their service professionals, grow their business, save them money, and expose them to new customers. After nearly 80 years of helping professionals across the world, we know what our members need -- and how to help them most.

NPMA Trains Your Service Professionals -- and You

NPMA offers one stop shopping for all your educational needs. Whether you prefer to absorb new materials through conferences and meetings or by reading and researching or through state-of-the art online learning forums, NPMA helps train tens of thousands of professionals each year.  Our experts address topics of necessity for owners, managers, and technicians alike. Of course, members receive greatly reduced rates for all educational resources available.

NPMA Helps Grow Your Business

Of course, no business can grow with unfavorable legislation or regulation. NPMA is the only entity that represents the professional pest management industry before the U.S. Congress and federal agencies to ensure that the laws and rules by which you must abide are sensible and workable, and not unduly burdensome.  The voice of each member company adds credibility and clout to our industry representation.

NPMA Exposes Your Business to New Customers

Of course we help improve the day-to-day operations of our members’ business with our training, Washington representation, and business support tools, but we take our commitment to their future one step further...by helping potential customers find them!    NPMA members have their company name and contact information listed on www.pestworld.org, our consumer site visited annually by more than 600,000 users. Imagine the business leads that stem from consumers using our searchable by zip code locator to find professionals in their area!  NPMA members receive this tremendous exposure at no additional fee.

Additionally, NPMA’s consumer education arm, the Professional Pest Management Alliance, engages in substantial public relations initiatives to help grow the industry.  In fact, over the past six years, more than six million homeowners have turned to professional pest management for the first time.  We know much of that growth stems from the industry’s united voice, touting the important role our members play in protecting public health.

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