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AZPPO would like to present you with another great opportunity to be in front of our members and, specifically, Pest Control Company business owners.

Over the past year we have developed a Mastermind group that brings owners together to discuss business topics, goals, technology, HR and all the pest control issues that we address in Arizona on a Monthly Basis.  This new event has really blossomed into a strong meeting and continues to grow.   The word is out and quality leaders and owners who want to network, learn, grow, and build better business are increasingly coming to the table every month.  These are YOUR customers!

Don't miss your opportunity to support this great event!  Your participation will:

  1. Put your company in front of specific owners - people who choose to use your product or services.
  2. Give you an opportunity to present in front of the group.
  3. Include your Company Logo, Representative Name, phone number and email on all marketing materials for each event that you sponsor.

For your convenience, you may ZOOM (Conference Call) into the meeting and avoid additional travel if you are unavailable to attend in person.

Your sponsorship will provide our members with a FREE Lunch.  We use your sponsorship as a member benefit, and it helps attract members to join us for Mastermind networking including Lunch and Most importantly, gives you and your company the opportunity to be recognized by the attendees for your generous contribution.

As this is becoming a more and more popular event, sponsors are now being placed on a first come first serve basis.

Sign up as a sponsor today!

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